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Global Corporate Relocation Services

Corporate relocation needs usually extend beyond basic moving services. Allied Pickfords’ affinity with government and business relocation customers has led us to offer a suite of additional relocation services to our clients and their relocating employees through our sister company, SIRVA Relocation.

SIRVA Relocation has a network of some 40 company-owned offices across the globe offering services that encompass:

Benefits to the Relocating Employee

  • Management of ‘look see’ visits to destinations
  • Booking of flights and short-term accommodation
  • Orientation - via a guided tour with a SIRVA Relocation consultant and destination guide
  • Home search – thorough reviewing all available properties based on the employee’s housing needs and budget
  • Property and tenancy management
  • School search
  • Cultural briefings and language training

Benefits to the Organisation's Management

  • Full outsourcing of the relocation process to SIRVA Relocation including, for example, the management of all vendors involved in the relocation process, expense management and provision of one invoice for each relocating employee.
  • Cost of living assessments between countries to assist in the development of the most appropriate remuneration packages
  • International human resource consultancy, for example, development and benchmarking of relocation policies.