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Preparing for the Move


Strip the beds and leave bedding folded on the mattress.

Crockery & cutlery

Wash up any crockery or cutlery and place them with your glass and china. Use white paper if you’re choosing to pack the items yourself.

Entertainment equipment

These are best moved in their original packing, so it’s worth having it available or getting replacement boxes from your dealer. If not, our removalists will modify packing materials for this task. Disconnect the cords and leads from your stereo, computer, TV etc. Remove speakers from the wall or disconnect them from your stereo.

Furniture hardware

It is generally recommended that inexpensive or self-assembled furniture made of particle (chip) board be disassembled prior to transport. Owners are encouraged to do this before the packing team arrives. Hardware, remotes and important but small items should be placed into plastic bags and then into the Essentials Carton.

Garden equipment

Have moveable sheds dismantled and garden tools cleaned and assembled together. Clean and disinfect the dustbins.

Kitchen food in-use

Tea, sugar, jam, etc. should be packed together. Remember that only dried foods, tins and spices can be sent for storage - no liquids, oils and the like are acceptable. Open food items should not be packed and shipped internationally. Hermetically sealed foods and canned items may be packed - but there may be regulations at your destination that limit or prohibit this practice. Ask your Move Consultant.


Check that all caps, tops etc. are secure. Use clear nail varnish to seal where the cap meets the bottle and/or tape the tops on. Check the instructions or with your physician or pharmacist regarding the safe transport of medicines, particularly prescription items. Also check foreign regulations in regard to prescription medications such as sleeping aids, tranquilizers etc.

Money, jewellery, and documents

It’s best to take these items with you personally. Make sure you set aside all passports, birth certificates, car log books and other documents either during the move or before your goods are delivered to your new home. Label a carton “DO NOT REMOVE” and ensure that this is kept aside.


  • Is everything on your Take-With-Me list loaded into the transportation vehicle?
  • Have you left anything behind? Take one last look around.
  • Is the dishwasher emptied?
  • Are all the water taps turned off?
  • Is the electricity turned off at the mains switch?
  • Are all the windows locked?
  • Have you left your forwarding address in a prominent place?
  • Have you locked and tested the back, side and front doors?
  • Have you surrendered the house keys to the new owner, estate agent, solicitor or caretaker?