7 tips for moving and storing furniture

Let’s be honest, moving can be a real pain. From deciding on what items to move into your new home to what pieces can be placed in storage can all seem a bit overwhelming. With this in mind, we share our top tips to help maintain your sanity and make the entire move process simple and efficient.

1. Create a packing checklist

Whether you’re moving locally, overseas, or relocating offices, a solid packing checklist can make all the difference. Consider starting with a list of things to move organised by size of object or furniture. Remember, the biggest items will require the most logistical planning.

2. Start planning for the removals truck

Before moving anything it’s important to know how the items will be placed in the new floor plan. Often it will be easier to begin by moving larger items as they have more of an impact on the new space. These items are often anchors for smaller items, if moved efficiently they can also help with overall clutter and move timeliness.

3. Think about storing furniture during a move

A plan for moving should also include a strategy around storing. Storage units can be a great tool to utilise when moving into a new space. This will then dictate how items are packed into the removals truck. For example, packing items at the back of the truck will be taken out after the move whilst packing at the front will be unloaded first at the storage facility.

4. Use the right moving equipment

There are a number of pieces that can aid a move especially when larger furniture is being transported. The following tools can help when moving with a minimal number of people or assistance:

  • Furniture sliders – great for couches, tables, and bed frames, things that have legs that can be slid across a smooth surface like a hardwood floor or linoleum
  • Furniture Trolley – great for moving things like refrigerators that no one person can carry or push
  • Furniture dolly – particularly impactful if you are moving things in and out of an elevator
  • Protective covers – maintains the integrity of your furniture whether during transport or storage. Best used on furniture that can easily rip, tear or scratch (fabric on a couch or a wooden table)

5. Packing the truck with a plan

It’s important to have a packing plan that keeps valuables and delicate pieces from being crushed by larger heavier items when securing items for transport. A rental truck return day and time may also impact the unpacking triage and thus should also be taken into consideration.

6. Moving large furniture around tight corners

Moving large furniture is one of the most challenging and stressful parts of any move. However, there are several techniques that can be utilised when moving heavy pieces. Consider the “L” method. This method can help get large chairs through regular sized doors. By “hooking” large chairs around the corners of a door frame and turning them on their side, moving it back first, you can get what might seem like a difficult shape through the door.

Couches are also notorious for how difficult they are to move. Consider placing the couch on its end to slide it through the doorway. If the couch is taller than the door frame start with the top of the couch tilted away from the door and hook it through until it clears.

When moving large or heavy furniture through doorways and hallways it might require you to remove the moulding. This is so that you don’t damage the moulding or the furniture you’re moving. Taking these steps will add time to your move process but could protect furniture and a security deposit.

7. Disassemble furniture as necessary

Moving a table shaped item through doorways and packing it into a removals truck can seem nothing short of impossible. Save yourself the trouble and the stress by removing everything you can from furniture. That includes table legs, desk drawers, and canopy columns or pillars.

After you remove these items it’s important to keep them secure and all in one place. A good option might be to wrap legs together and tape them to the underside of a table or chair. This method is also useful when considering storing dining room table sets, bed frames or office furniture.

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