Allied Oxfam 50km Walk

Staff at Allied are no strangers to moving people. They help thousands of individuals each year to successfully relocate their homes across the country, but how do you think they will go when they attempt to relocate themselves, by foot, 50km in under 18 hours for the annual Oxfam trail walker event in Whakatāne, New Zealand.


With 18 different locations in 10 different countries, the Oxfam trail walker is a global event that attracts thousands of people each year, to come together and push themselves for a good cause. Money is raised through donations to a team and then that money goes towards making it possible for Oxfam to continue their lifesaving work around the world.

This year, we at Allied Pickford’s New Zealand, are proud to say that 4 of our bravest and most daring team members will be tackling the 50km walk in the early hours of Saturday the 10th of March.

The team, calling themselves ‘The Careful Movers’ will be embarking on a huge 50km scenic trail with a self-inflicted time limit of 14 hours. The team have been preparing themselves with regular walks in an around the scenic Auckland and Christchurch areas, and their motivation and dedication has inspired fellow staff members to join them on their weekly Wednesday night adventures.

The Careful Movers are lucky to have an experienced walker with them who has participated in the event previously. He will no doubt be able to offer them vital insight as to what to expect from the trail as well as how best to pace themselves throughout.

Raising vital funds for Oxfam is the primary objective for all the teams who take part in the event the careful movers have set themselves the goal of raising $2,500 towards the cause.

You can donate to The Careful Movers by clicking on this link.

For those who feel like they are up for a challenge. The Oxfam trail walker event offer a staggering 100km walk in under 36 hours option. This section is not for the faint hearted with many participants choosing to forego sleep and continue walking right through the night.

Allied would like to wish our staff and all those who will be walking alongside them the best of luck with their challenge.