Allied partnership with All Heart NZ

All Heart NZ began in 2016, when Joe Youssef was leaving a friends’ accounting firm and noticed a pile of unwanted office furniture and technology laying idle in a spare office, waiting to be sent to land fill. This struck a chord with Youssef as he thought about all the office equipment that ends up in land fill every year. It was then that he decided to do something about it – and All Heat NZ was born.

The organisation, whose core value is ‘what is the most important thing in the world? It is the people, it is the people, it is the people’, aims to support local community through sustainable enterprise. The repurposing of redundant office furniture and equipment helps to foster growth of new business all around Aotearoa and provides corporates with a sustainable solution which reduces office furniture waste.

Since 2016, All Heart NZ has redirected over 972,572 kilograms of unwanted corporate furniture and equipment from landfill. So, what happens to all this equipment? Where does it go? Youssef and his team provide a sustainability framework for the redirection, repurposing and sale of these goods. Since 2016 they have provided as many as 84 community groups around New Zealand and the South Pacific with these repurposed groups with the estimated financial assistance being at $2,751,082.

All Heart NZ works with companies such as Air New Zealand, Universal Pictures, PWC and Auckland ZOO to reduce waste and increase sustainability at no greater cost than sending items to the dump.

Allied NZ have been partnering with All Heart NZ for the past two years, and in the past two weeks alone have managed to redirect almost 50 tonne of office waste or just under 1,500 unwanted office items from land fill.

In a world where furniture and technology is thrown away and replaced quicker than ever before, it is great to see an organisation with a conscience working to reduce waste and help not only the environment but the community. All Heart NZ aims to support community groups all over NZ simply by ensure redundant items are put to a positive use.

Allied are proud to work with All Heart NZ and look forward to continuing our relationship in years to come.

Photograph by Alex Hedley, originally featured on The Impact Initiative.