Self Pack Removals and Excess Baggage Shipping


Do you have excess baggage or belongings to move interstate or overseas? With our “DIY removals” service you can do exactly that and do it on your own terms with Allied. We provide the boxes and packing materials so that you can simply pack everything you need, and let us take care of the rest. This is the perfect solution for international students, expats or smaller moves.

DIY removals is the smarter way to move belongings overseas or interstate. We can ship your items ahead of your move, so that when you arrive at your international or interstate destination, all of your belongings will be there waiting for you!


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What is self packing?


Self packing lets you take control of your move without the usual stress of packing and shipping your belongings. With Do it Yourself or DIY removals, we provide the boxes and packing materials so that you can be in control of packing your belongings. Once you’re all packed, we pick up your boxes and we ship it for you.

This is the perfect solution for safe and easy shipping both interstate and overseas. Allied also offers competitive pricing for your move so you won’t be stuck with high airline fees or waiting for long shipping times. We also take care of the customs paperwork and taxes for most destinations if you are moving internationally.



How do self removals work?

All you need is a clear idea of what and how much you want to send and we will provide the right packing materials for the job.

Excess Baggage removals makes relocation a piece of cake.


 You pack your belongings using the boxes and packing supplies that we provide.


 Our courier will then collect your packed boxes from anywhere in New Zealand ready for transit.


 We then ship them to you or your destination of choice at a cheaper rate than airlines. 


 Your belongings arrive at your destination ready for you to unpack.

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Information on Excess Baggage and DIY Removals


What can I pack as excess baggage?

Excess baggage is perfect for short term relocations, international students or small moves. You’ll be able to transport your personal belongings like clothes, books or kitchenware without the need for a big moving truck or the cost of airline shipping or postal services.

What can’t I pack as excess baggage?

Excess baggage is only for smaller, personal belongings that you can pack with the boxes and packing materials we provide. For larger items and furniture, we offer high quality, professional removalist services, whether you’re moving locally, interstate or overseas.


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Why use excess baggage shipping or self pack removals?

Our DIY removals and excess baggage service allows you to move your household possessions overseas or interstate in a cost-effective way. Packing yourself, we provide the boxes and packaging material, you pack everything that you need, and we will transport it to your destination.

DIY removals allow you to send your household goods and personal belongings ahead of time so that when you arrive at your new home, everything is there and ready to use. Whether you are living overseas for work, sending your belongings to be stored on a short-term basis or have purchased overseas and want everything you’ve bought to be shipped directly to your new home, self packing removals make it easy and affordable.

Who should use self packing DIY removals?

This is ideal for anyone who is working overseas for a short period of time or for students living abroad, wanting to send their luggage or belongings home without paying excess baggage fees with an airline.
We make moving overseas or interstate easier with our Allied packaging service. DIY Removals is the alternative to the traditional interstate or international removals service. We supply boxes and packing materials, so you can pack everything you need and our courier will take care of the rest. Whether you’re studying abroad, taking a job overseas or moving interstate, we take care of all the details for you.

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